Design & Consulting Services
A long time friend, Robert Voit of Voit Real Estate, with the design & consulting services of John Carrido and Wendi Young recently opened CORE F.I.T., (Fitness Integrated Training). Located in Costa Mesa’s revitalized Triangle area, CORE F.I.T.’s ultra-modern glass, stone, and steel structure houses a full-service wellness center, replete with state-of-the equipment and a cadre of trainers specializing in fields running from gerontology to sports medicine.

“Obviously, at CORE F.I.T., the concentration is on building up the individual’s physical core stability to increase their strength and maintain balance,” said Carrido. “Every client receives a fitness assessment, including an evaluation of past and present health history and a measurement of body fat. But coaching our clients to maintain a healthy balance within their physical, mental, and emotional core is what CORE F.I.T. truly means.”

The Center’s quasi-Eastern philosophy and breezy infusion of relaxed, minimalist style, manifests a transcendence beyond the conventional standards of massage, Pilates, yoga, and weight-lifting found at chain health clubs that promote a 24/7 drive-thru mentality. CORE F.I.T. limits appointments at any one time to guarantee trainer availability for one-on-one sessions with members, including intensive third-stage rehab. Unique to the fitness industry is the option of private educational tutoring for members/family members who might need help with academic challenges, such as essay writing, Pre-algebra, or acing their SATs.

Carrido plans to expand his philosophy of balance and self-realization though group classes at Carrido Intergrated Fitness. Also in the works is an outreach program for The Boys and Girls Club, to pay forward the support that the clubs once gave Carrido growing up. He’s even helping to heal OC youth and adults who want to confront the emotional and psychological scars of bullying and shed their negative self image through life coaching at his Center.

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