Life coaching helps you maximize your personal and professional potential by teaching you how to take action and not sabotage your successes.  We help you develop successful strategies and establish new habits that result in the accomplishment of your goals.  We teach you how to condition yourself so you associate things in a way that make you feel and behave in the way you want to feel and behave.  At CIF we empower you to be the best you can be in all aspects of life!

Lessons and Teachings From a Lifetime of Coaching
By Judy Lesko

“Connect to your CORE and you’ll find strength. Act from your CORE and you’ll move mountains.”

This seemingly esoteric mantra belongs to former body-building champ and long-time Costa Mesa native, John Carrido, who self-coached his way to the Mr. Orange County and Mr. California lightweight titles in 1985.

Now standing a lofty 5’ 4”, Carrido once played the unlikely position of point guard on Estancia High’s CIF basketball team, despite being told that he could never play the sport as a young boy. He bounced successfully on to Orange Coast College’s basketball team, and won the 1979 state championship.

Perhaps now at 54, his title could be Mr. Costa Mesa, although he did stray briefly afield, to earn a degree in fitness from Cal State Long Beach. Such an appellation, however, would only skim the surface of who Carrido has become as an athlete and a man.

Father Always Knows Best
Carrido credits all the life lessons learned to his late father, Louis C. Carrido, a WWII veteran who fought alongside General Douglas MacArthur. “My father instilled the passion to motivate myself and others to become whoever they want to become and achieve whatever they choose to achieve through focus, hard work, and determination.”

The oldest son in a family with 14 children, Carrido grew up on the “poor side” of Costa Mesa. He helped his father who held multiple jobs, collect trash from dumpsters at area McDonalds locations every morning to support the family, and also to earn his own spending money.

“If I wanted something, my father told me that I had to work for it and to plan for it,” explains Carrido. “So many kids and adults that I train here in ‘The real OC’ grow up entitled, without basic, grounding values and the sense of self-empowerment that comes along with them. Instead, they make addictive choices by turning to food, drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships to provide a sense of identity and affirmation.”

Carrido plans to expand his philosophy of balance and self-realization though group classes at the Carrido Integrated Fitness. Also in the works is an outreach program for The Boys and Girls Club, to pay forward the support that the clubs once gave Carrido growing up. He’s even helping to heal OC youth and adults who want to confront the emotional and psychological scars of bullying and shed their negative self image through counseling at the Center.

Captain America to the Rescue
With a steady journal of achievement in the form of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and glowing testimonials—not to mention books, videos and infomercials he has written or produced—Carrido’s career evolution continues to lean more toward Captain America than Mr. America contender.

His glory days of sports-empire building began in 1989, when he engineered his first fitness center in Newport Beach. At Bodies by Carrido, he taught OC’s executive elite how to get physical and stay in shape, thus finessing the emerging model of personal training into a lucrative SoCal enterprise.

Carrido continued to ride the fitness-hipster wave and pioneered sport-specific training in 1996 as an instructor at the Pelican Hill Golf Club. Coaching on the luxuriant greens, he debunked the popular perception that golf was only for wimps by emphasizing exercise, weights, stretching and nutrition. And he taught PGA competitors in how to maximize their swing for greater power, distance, and below-par handicap.

As a former sports columnist for The OC Register, Carrido solidified his niche-industry foothold with his book, “The Fitness Approach to the Power of Golf” and an accompanying video. Today, his sport-specific training programs have mega-morphed to include athletes of all levels. Pro-golfer Eric Wood is a current client, as well as a growing number of local distance runners, high school water polo players, former professional baseball players, and weekend tennis buffs.

Carrido may be on to something, creating an “anti-drive thru mentality” wellness center philosophy that teaches clients how to keep mind, body, and soul together under the tutelage of their own life coach.

The Bully Slayer
By Jim Larkins

Nobody ever expired from a super-wedgie or an Indian rug burn. But anyone who has gone through life carrying the psychological baggage of childhood bullying will tell you that a small part of them died a long time ago.

Although we adults sometimes dismiss bullying in school as a childhood rite of passage, this form of aggression may have long-lasting psychological implications for victims, who have filled the void left from these early abuses with all kinds of self-destructive behaviors. Now that they’re all grown up, these individuals are burying the past in grown-up vices like alcohol and drug abuse, overeating, and other destructive habits.

Enter John Carrido, an advocate for the bullying underdog, who is making his mark on Orange County youngsters—one bully victim at a time.

Carrido has seen firsthand the lifelong effects of early youth bullying, and he’s committed to doing something about it. When he isn’t exorcising the demons of childhood peer badgering from emotionally wounded adults, he’s working diligently to prevent the next generation from enduring the same cycle of physical and emotional abuse.

“My passion is helping people change their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually,” says Carrido. “I want to reach out and teach parents and their children about bullying, so everyone can see the effects these sorts of behaviors have on our lives.”

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