Empowering People in all Aspects of Life!

Personal Training
CIF’s team of certified trainers design comprehensive functional strength, flexibility and cardio-respiratory programs based on your needs and goals, along with a healthy nutrition planning.  We are not a typical gym who assigns you a trainer and then forgets about you. The entire CIF team is at your disposal, to ensure you achieve your goals. We help you build confidence, and motivation to change your life! Our training team is well educated and hold multiple national certifications. We offer private training as well as group packages; call today and let your new journey begin.

Golf/Sports Specific Training
CIF’s trainers will help create a more stable, balanced, and flexible body to elevate all aspects of your game, no matter what sport! Golf specifically requires the joints of the body to have a generous range of motion. If some of your joints are limited, there is an increased risk that other joints will be strained or sprained in an effort to compensate. To prevent injuries, it’s important for golfers at every skill level to condition their body both in season and off season. Our experts have experience in helping athletes in all a variety of sports.

Post-Rehabilitative Exercise
Physicians & Physical Therapists examine, diagnose, and develop a customized treatment plan for each individual.  They work to restore function, improve mobility, and decrease pain with the goal of re-establishing a patient’s prior functional level.

At CIF, we continue your recovery into the later stages of healing by following and appropriately progressing the therapeutic exercise plan your personal medical team designs for you.  If you are discharge from surgery / physical therapy without a plan, we can design a “post-rehab exercise” program for you to help you get back to your daily life and activities.  Our staff has both personal and professional experience in physical therapy and are here to help!

Flexibility equals power!

Life Coaching
Life coaching helps you maximize your personal and professional potential by teaching you how to take action and not sabotage your successes. We help you develop successful strategies and establish new habits that result in the accomplishment of your goals. We teach you how to condition yourself so you associate things in a way that make you feel and behave in the way you want to feel and behave. At CIF we empower you to be the best you can be in all aspects of life!

Web – Based Fitness Program Design
We have the ability to help people all over the world through our International Personal Program Design service.  We design fitness and nutrition programs to meet any goal and level of client.  We use an exercise program software that we customize individual programs and send to clients via email.  Clients then save and print the program and follow up with us on a regular basis for updates on their progress and program progressions as appropriate.

This is perfect the traveling client, those who are not able to come to our facility,  and for those who are comfortable and able to follow a detailed program in their own gyms.