Monica Villareal
As a professional golfer aspiring to play on the LPGA Tour, I realized a need to gain strength so I could create more club head speed, hold positions in my swing, and ultimately add some distance to my game.  Almost every tour player is in the gym now, it is survival of the fittest out there.  Since I’ve been working with John, I’ve become much more aware of what muscles and motions are important in my golf swing.  I’ve also learned the importance of strength and flexibility combined.  He also advises me to stay on top of my nutrition, hydration, and stretching.  I even have an exercise and stretching program he helped me create for when I’m on the road.

In the past year I’ve definitely made some big strides in becoming stronger, but I’m looking forward to working even harder with him so I can reach my ultimate goal of playing with the best and strongest on the LPGA.  John takes care of me and my specific needs in order to reach my goals.  I not only have a trainer, but I have a friend and mentor who genuinely believes in me and wants to see me compete to my full potential.  I love starting off my mornings in the gym; John, Chris, and Allen are always smiling and encouraging, it’s an honor being a part of the Carrido Integrated Fitness family!
Dan Toomey
The sessions of training are focused on our needs, based based from an initial evaluation by Mr. Carrido and his team.  We enjoy the energetic interaction with the trainers which helps us reach our goals.
Trish Toomey
Exercises are adapted to our individual needs.  Our workouts are age appropriate, in a fun environment, and with friendly staff.  The training sessions are results oriented with educated, knowledgeable, and experienced fitness professionals.
Douglas Wilson
John Carrido and his staff, Chris and Allen, at Carrido Integrated Fitness are excellent physical conditioning and training professionals.  Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of physical fitness and conditioning methods are state-of-the-art and are easy to understand and relate to.  I would highly recommend John and his staff to anyone seriously interested in improving or maintaining their level of physical fitness and conditioning.
Matt Z.
Mater Dei Varsity Golf Team
Carrido Integrated Fitness has helped me become the golfer I am today. They take their time to work with me on my mental and physical needs. I highly recommend CIF to any golfer wanting to take their game to the next level!
Nicolas Jaber
Nicolas Jaber was looking for a personal trainer so he could feel confident again in working out at a gym. He hadn’t worked out for a few years since injuring his back. He wasn’t exceedingly out of shape, but he wasn’t fit, either. He learned that Carrido Integrated Fitness is unlike other health clubs that promote a 24/7 drive-thru mentality where every client is a just a number in the system. “John helped me generate a greater sense of personal confidence and ability that isn’t just noticeable physically, but also a mindset.” Heading to UC Berkeley as a philosophy major this September, Nicolas feels significantly stronger and more toned, with less body fat and leaner muscles. “I feel comfortable and competent, knowing John has given me the knowledge and skill to continue training on my own.”
Cheryl Moorhead
Shortly after the New Year, Cheryl Moorhead found herself drawn to Carrido Integrated Fitness. She hadn’t exercised for more than 25 years and wanted to make a change in her lifestyle. She decided to train regularly in private sessions with John and does cardio, two to three times a week. “I was uncertain about how I’d feel working out in a fitness center. Happily, I found friendly, welcoming people combined with beautiful, modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Most importantly, I continue to lose more weight and wear smaller clothing sizes. John even tells me that I need to eat a little more food as part of my nutrition program.”
Olivia Jaber & Josie Miller
When Olivia Jaber and Josie Miller came to Carrido Integrated Fitness they aspired to make the cut for the Newport Harbor High water polo team. Since beginning to train with John in March, these close friends report a marked gain in their swimming speed and ability, along with increased strength. And their results run more than skin deep. Josie had a long-term shoulder injury and has not experienced any pain since her sessions. Olivia touts John’s abilities as an amazing life coach who strengthens family connections, as well. She bases her observation on first-hand experience, as her older brother, Nicolas and mother, Rondi, also train with John.
Wayne Lewis
During his search for a personal trainer, avid golfer Wayne Lewis found that sport-specific training isn’t offered at most health clubs in Orange County. Serendipitously, he met John through a fellow golf buddy. “John tailored my sessions to increase my flexibility and strength—key areas that require regular workouts for optimal performance in precision when you swing your club. I have confidence in John’s comprehensive program, which also addresses ancillary issues of hydration and nutrition. Wayne now finds himself feeling fit and less fatigued after playing the rounds. “Soreness is a thing of the past. I’m aware of the need to stay active and in shape to prevent injuries. And, of course, my golf game has improved as well.”
Janet Winter
Janet Winter needed a safe exercise program to get her back into shape and decided to join Carrido Integrated Fitness in March, mostly because nerve pain from sciatica kept her body feeling tight and stiff. She had taken classes before, but found that the classes themselves caused injuries, so she wasn’t doing anything at all to stay healthy. She wanted to be flexible and pain-free. “Within my first month of working one-on-one at Carrido Integrated Fitness—warming up on the treadmill, stretching on the machines, cardio, and using the exercise ball—I found more strength and my back pain reduced drastically improved.”
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